Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Very Potter Musical

The Harry Potter series was, and continues to be, a huge phenomenon around the world. And, capitalizing on that success, comes A Very Potter Musical, a hilarious parody written by team StarKid, a collective of creative talents straight out of UMich. The full performance of the musical can be found in parts through StarKid's youtube channel, but to give you a little taste, definitely at least check out the very first video:

The genius of this whole thing is that it successfully parodies the source material with hilarious references and jabs at the whole franchise, while still featuring a plot of its own and really strong, sound lyrics. StarKid hints that a sequel is on its way, and they have a few more projects in the works. StarKid also shot a webseries after receiving a grant from Disney called Little White Lie, which is also available for viewing on the youtube channel as well. So, sit back, get some Bertie's Beans, and hunker down on the couch and get ready to geek out!

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