Friday, January 8, 2010

He trusts me with his suits...

With the first female composer mentioned yesterday, I figured I would bring a little more diversity to these composer profiles with the work of Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich. Almost all the composers/writing duos on the blog so far have been recently out of school contemporaries who excel in pop-infused or alternative scores. Marcy and Zina's work is a little more traditional, a loving send up to strong book musicals with humor and warmth to support a good story through song. They're perhaps best known for the song "Taylor the Latte Boy," which, if you type that title as a search on youtube, will come up with an endless treasure trove of performances and even some responses — though the most memorable interpretation comes from one of my favorite blondes of all time:

Their shows and music are mostly family-oriented with musicals under their belt like Junie B. Jones and Dear Edwina. But even in their kids musicals, the lyrics are smart, witty, and sophisticated, and their partnership exudes an easy sincerity and lightheartedness in the way they play off one another. This was great to see at SPF's Composer Exposure this past summer, and you can find a clip of their performance "Compromise" here (along with many other great audio clips of up-and-coming musical theatre artists). I've also been meaning to see their show, aptly titled, The Marcy and Zina Show, and have been obsessed with this song:

A main reason I mention Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich is because they recently won the 2009 Fred Ebb Award. I look forward to their up-and-coming projects, which apparently includes adaptations of Snow White and Rose Red, Cyrano, and Clinton Kelly's Freakin' Fabulous.

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