Monday, March 12, 2012

Win Tickets to Godspell

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of being invited to attend a performance of Godspell with a talkback afterward with cast member and musical theatre writer Nick Blaemire. The show itself is a unique offering on Broadway right now with its fresh young cast and hilarious improvisation. Experiencing this energetic show in the round makes it feel even more interactive, and Stephen Schwartz's music sounds as beautiful as ever, especially with the likes of Lindsay Mendez and Hunter Parrish singing it.

As a part of my seeing Godspell, I have also been given a voucher for 2 tickets to any Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday performance before 5/1/2012-- which I will be giving away to one lucky reader! Here's how to enter:

  • In keeping with the Nick Blaemire talkback, post your favorite Nick Blaemire song as a comment to this blog post by Thursday, 3/15. It can be a song by him or just performed by him. If there's a video, feel free to post the link. Or just tell us about a particularly good performance. Haven't heard any Blaemire music before? Look back at some past blog posts, or check out his brand new video with The Hustle for the single "Headturner" off his soon-to-be-released EP:

  • A winner will be randomly drawn and announced this Friday, 3/16, so check back to see if you won!


s. said...

Nice! You know I'm more familiar with/partial to Nick Blaemire in Iconis's T2R, but oddly I can't find any quality-video performances with him in that. Huh. But here's that in-studio thing they recorded for "Born This Morning," because I really can't imagine that song without Blaemire:

You need to take me to more musical theatre soon when I get back, I miss it!

jolene said...

Personally, I quite enjoy the song "My Three Best Friends" from "Glory Days."

While not overwhelmingly groundbreaking in its content, the song perfectly captures that time in life (see: high school) where no one, and I mean no one, can really understand you like those two or three friends that your world pretty much revolves around. It's a feeling very specific to a certain age, and the song skillfully encapsulates that time in life. Listening to the song really takes me back and reminds me exactly what it felt like to be 18 years old.

K said...

I'm not particularly poignant so I'll just go ahead and say that this song speaks to me because I feel like I've been at this point in my life at least... say.... a dozen times?

Also I just like the way it sounds...

Aoh said...

I really love " I Chose Right".... maybe because its a song I am always in the mood for... not many songs do that for me.

Melissa Presti said...

when I discovered Kerrigan-Lowdermilk a few years ago, that's when I heard Nick for the first time. And I loved his rendition of Ben Folds' We're Still Fighting It

I think Ben would approve.

Bonita said...

“ALASKA” is one of my favorite Nick Blaemire performances! He did not write it (it was written by Adam Gwon)—however Nick performed the heck out of it! He is an amazing storyteller with songs. He connects to his own material in the same way he does with other people’s works. His comedic timing is natural and charming…I was sold instantly. His ability to portray this character is seamless. Nick’s physicality is so realistic...not to mention his vocal ability/quality is wonderful!

Check it out for yourself at at 1:47-1:49—HILARIOUS!

I love storytellers! The song is simple but it’s what Nick adds to it that brought it its life.
I can appreciate an artist who has technique, plays with that technique and breaks structure every now and again. Not saying he did all of that in this particular performance, BUT! He has (check out “Living the Dream”) Too good!

Unknown said...

I'm gonna go for 'Open Road' from Glory Days. The progression from longing to tentative hope to exhilaration is so spot-on for youth.

Also, this lyric: I got into my car, what a lousy piece of shit, but I didn't care 'cause I just needed to try.

That line tends to get lost in the beginning, but man-o, it gets to me every time. I don't really know anyone who rode through their teens/early twenties with the smooth, fine-tuned engine of perfect grace. It's all been, or at least for me it's been: what a noisy, bumpy, inconsistent ride, but still, what a ride.

So yeah, Open Road.