Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blood On Your Hands: Newsadoozies at UCB Theatre

Coincidentally, while my roommate was at the Nederlander 2 nights ago watching some Newsies hawking their papes, I was at UCB watching a very different brand of kids trying to make it on the streets. Newsadoozies, a hilarious musical parody of cult classic Newsies written by Brian Glidewell and Marcy Jarreau (with additional music and lyrics by Kevin Carter), replaces heroic favorites like Jack Kelly, Crutchie, and David with twisted characters like corrupt Billy, innocent Cripply, drug-addicted Smacky, and Hammy ("I like ham!"). Throw in an evil cannibalistic sex cult and a budding romance, and it's not hard to realize how far south you are from the Disney favorite. Even with its absurd brand of humor, Newsadoozies strangely still touches on many of the themes of its inspiration-- kids realizing the freedom and vulnerability of being parentless, leaders struggling to rally the troops and act in the best interest of their communities, and rich minorities carelessly using the impoverished... for food (okay, so maybe that very last part isn't a common thread).

Best of all, the music is catchy. It plays on all the big-hearted musical conventions, from the passionate love duet to the big rallying number complete with every type of revolutionary you can think of. My friend and I agreed that something we appreciated most about the show was that the songs themselves were incredibly funny with lyrics that were perfectly timed for some hilarious moments. Also, the final moment was pitch-perfect in the final beat.

Newsadoozies will be playing UCB 4/6 at 7:30 pm (paired with "THE BACHELOR: Romance, Roses, and Romance") and 4/25 at 8:00 pm (paired with "Dog Fleet"). Keep your eye out on the UCB NY website for more info.

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