Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Please Don't Suck

"Jeremy Desmon and Vadim Feichtner have been referred to as 'the Rodgers and Hart for the new millennium.' But maybe that’s because one of them is a misogynist and the other is an unrepentant drunk."

...And so reads the short bio blurb on the Joe's Pub show page to advertise their concert, Desmon & Feichtner Continue to Disappoint Their Parents, back in March. And that bio combined with some great tunes makes for theater with a nice balance of humor and sentiment. So, because I've been loving these for the last month of so, here are two awesome songs from their song cycle The Moment Before:

Allison Frenzel and Stephen Todd performing "Please":

And John Geiringer, Allison Frenzel, Kyle Sandall, and Cami Philgreen performing "A wink and a nod":


Bfly said...

Where I can find the Lyrics from Please Don't Suck?

Kimberly Lew said...

My best advice is to contact them through their Youtube channel: