Thursday, August 5, 2010

...And That's The Funny Thing

On Monday, I had the pleasure of attending a reading of Kyle Jarrow's Love Kills, a rock musical telling the story of teenage sweethearts who murder 11 people together. It's always exciting to see a musical in progress-- to hear the audience's reaction, to use your imagination for all the ways it could be staged, and to enjoy writing for the stage in one of its most basic forms. The dramatic tension of the play gives a lot to play with, a Bonnie and Clyde kind of story placed in confession rooms. The presence of the sheriff and his wife also offered great layers by showing different generations confronting their beliefs about love. There were a couple of really great moments and images that took on more significance as the show went on, and I am excited to see where the show goes next.

I was first introduced to Kyle Jarrow's work last year at one of the NAMT presentations of Hostage Song. Performed entirely with the two main characters in blindfolds, it was an emotionally taxing journey of two people being held captive abroad. It was ambitious and intimate-- not unlike Love Kills. Jarrow has also written the book and lyrics to Duncan Sheik collaboration Whisper House. He is perhaps best known for A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant, though looking at the theater listing on his website reveals a ton of projects in the works. One of my favorites also includes the song "All That You're Touching is Skin" from work-in-progress The Consequences, which can be heard below with "Let Him Be Good To You" from Hostage Song. Be sure to check out the diverse offerings of music, including selections from his music-specific projects.

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