Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Updates and a Tuesday Night Video

If you visit the blog somewhat regularly, you may notice that some things have been shifting around lately. I'm trying to get the blog to a stage where it's a little cleaner and a little easier to access all the good stuff, so I wanted to thank you for bearing with me. As you'll see at the top of the page, I now have a tab specifically for my show calendar. It's a Google calendar that I often update for myself with upcoming shows (I rarely get to see them all, but it's always nice to keep track), and I wanted to find an easy way to share it with all of you, should you need a recommendation for where there are new musical events around the city. If you are a writer with an event coming up, feel free to email me at emergingmt@gmail.com, and I'll try to get your event up there -- just keep in mind that it has to be musical theatre related and preferably something related to new writers.

With that announcement, I wanted to leave you with a video from my playlist of all-time favorite songs from musical theatre songwriters, Katie Thompson's "It Doesn't Hurt." I've been in a pretty introspective mood with the new year, so this is especially rich in feeling. Plus, when is it ever not a joy to hear Katie Thompson tell your story as she tears it up at the piano?

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