Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5-Question NYMF Interviews:THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE! IN 3D!!!

For the last installment in our NYMF 5-question interview series, we're throwing some camp and B-movie humor into the mix with The Brain That Wouldn’t Die! In 3D!!! Written by Elizabeth Gelman and Tom Sivak, this story of Dr. Dick Cuttingham's obsession with furthering the field of science is sure to entertain. And what exactly does it mean for a musical to be in 3D? You'll have to wait until performances start on October 6th to see for yourself (buy tickets here), but in the meantime, Elizabeth and Tom answer our questions below.

(Kathy Voytko as Hedy in
The Brain That Wouldn't Die! In 3D!!!)

Me: How would you describe your show in one sentence?

Elizabeth Gelman and Tom Sivak: A singing head in a baking pan joins forces with a monster in the closet to stop a maniacal doctor from killing a beautiful ingĂ©nue – and hilarity ensues.

Me: What inspired The Brain That Wouldn’t Die! In 3D!!!?

Elizabeth and Tom: Tom was watching the movie (The Brain That Wouldn’t Die) on TV and was absolutely riveted. It was the worst movie he’d ever seen and yet – like watching a car accident – he couldn’t look away! And the characters were so compelling: a mad scientist, a head in a baking pan, a one-armed lab assistant, a Monster in the Closet. It was so ludicrous that it really spoke to our twisted sense of humor.

Me: What does it mean for a musical to be in 3D?

Elizabeth and Tom: The story takes place in the early 1960s, a time when 3-D was all the rage at the movies – just like now – and we have a lot of fun playing with that 1960’s 3-D concept. But only the climactic scene in our show is actually performed in 3D. The majority of it is actually performed in “2D” – and you’ll have to come see the show to see how that’s done!

Me: How would you describe The Brain That Wouldn’t Die! In 3D!!! musically?

Elizabeth and Tom: The heart of all the music in the show is 60s pop/rock, but the score is transmogrified by an infusion of B-Movie Horror Film Underscoring which has been transplanted to traditional musical theater conventions.

Me: What are you most looking forward to about NYMF?

Elizabeth and Tom: Being a Next Link Project Selection has already had a big impact on the show through our work on the script with our director, Tim Drucker, and our dramaturge, Neal Freeman. We have such a fantastic cast and unbelievable creative team – and the staff at NYMF has been incredibly supportive.

This opportunity is really a dream come true.

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