Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The 5-Question NYMF Interviews: ENNIO

While Ennio Marchetto's show, a living cartoon, isn't your traditional musical theatre fare, there is something to be said about building an act using paper cutouts to create pop culture icons, all to the beat of classic songs. A Venice-native, Ennio has taken his show around the world, but he will be returning to New York as a part of this year's NYMF. To get an idea of what it means to be a living cartoon, watch the video below, and be sure scroll down to see how Ennio responded to his 5 NYMF interview questions.

Me: How would you describe your show in one sentence?

Ennio Marchetto: I describe the show "a living cartoon."

Me: How did you first start developing your act as a living paper cartoon?

Ennio: I remember doing paper costumes since I was at school at 6 years old, then the idea came to me at 20 years. I dreamt about Marilyn Monroe, she wore a white paper dress ... I woke up and cut the first silhouette from cardboard!

Me: Not necessarily being a traditional book musical, how do you feel your show represents musical theatre?

Ennio: I could not do my show even for a minute with no music. I impersonate famous pop characters, lip-syncing the original voice to be similar to their personality. also the change from one costume to another is so quick i can't say a word ... no breath to talk.

Me: What can audiences expect since your last New York run?

Ennio: I hope audience is mixed in ages and ethnicities. I want them just have fun and be surprised. that is what the show needs.

Me: What are you most looking forward to about NYMF?

Ennio: To make me more known and perform more in America!

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