Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fringe Update and Leonard Cohen Koans

The Fringe Festival wraps up this Sunday, and I’ve been trying to see as many shows as possible. I’m hoping to get in a couple more musicals by this weekend, especially because I have to admit I’ve been finding myself seeing more plays than I intended (if you are looking for a recommendation, I highly suggest Fit, put on by my friends at Plastic Flamingo Company – it also has Celtic music, so in that way there’s a nice musical element to it too). Still, the festival is rolling on, and many musicals are selling out (you can find a list here), including the record-breaking Yeast Nation whose opening night performance was the fastest selling performance in Fringe history (they even added a show, only to have it sell out once again). Remember to also check out the 6-word Fringe musical pitches if you're having trouble deciding what to see.

So far in the Fringe coverage, we’ve gotten insights into Zombie Prom and Ampersand, and today I wanted to mention my experience seeing Leonard Cohen Koans at Le Poisson Rouge last night. Though it’s not traditional musical theatre – in many ways it’s more cabaret, which perfectly fit the space, it was a really enjoyable night of music, especially if you’re a fan of Leonard Cohen (can’t tell you how delightful it was to see one audience member who was clearly a fan, bobbing his head and smiling with recognition at every song). The show exudes a narrative that makes it more than just a collection of covers. The ethereal quality of the show is a testament to Ali Hughes, the lead vocalist who effortlessly embodies every lyric she sings. The selections are also nicely curated and arranged so that the songs seem to flow seamlessly. I would definitely recommend this as a stop in your Fringe marathon (they have 3 shows left) – if anything just to vary up your itinerary and to see a great performer and talented musicians find inherent stories in thoughtful classics.

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