Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6-Word 2011 Fringe Musical Roundup

Festival season is upon us, bringing with it exciting announcements of new musicals. Coming up fast is The New York International Fringe Festival, which kicks off August 12th. But with 194 shows, the selections can get overwhelming -- which is why I asked the 34 musicals that will be performed in The Fringe to help narrow the field and submit a 6-word pitch for their shows. Below are the pitches from the 25 shows that responded. Feel free to peruse the listing and, if you see something that catches your eye, click on the musical’s link or check out the profile on The FringeNYC’s website. Also, check back here in the next couple of weeks for a little more insight into a couple of the musicals in this year’s festival.

Lesbian pop-folk Shakespeare, with drag queens.

-- Ampersand: A Romeo & Juliet Story

Sitcom icons in a Shakespearean bloodbath.

-- The Bardy Bunch: The War of the Families
Partridge and Brady

Lady robber's shenanigans cause Brooklyn sensation!

-- The Bobbed-Haired Bandit

Music. Temptation. Loyalty or betrayal?

-- Destinations

Self inflicted injury, depression and singing.

-- The Disorientation of Butterflies

Glee Club iced by psycho slasher.

-- Gleeam

Puppets + rockin' songs like "Bearhemian Rhapsody."

-- Goldilocks and the Three Polar Bears

Babbling Buddhist baffles Businessman in blizzard.

-- Hush The Musical

Chatty psychopath extrapolates, divulges personal anthems.

-- Jeffrey Dahmer Live

Hit Hollywood musical lampooning Jersey Shore.

-- Jersey Shoresical: A Frickin' Rock Opera

A hysterical and dysfunctional music concert.

-- Killing Nellie

Backstage scandals of Spider-Man on Broadway.

-- The Legend of Julie Taymor,
or The Musical That Killed Everybody!

Wistful to wild in a heartbeat.

-- leonard cohen koans

A Ridiculously Risque Restoration Rockomedy (Roar).

-- Love In A Tub

Old hymns sung fresh by Gays.

-- The Miss Teen Jesus Pageant

The gay holy grail's been discovered!

-- Parker & Dizzy’s Fabulous Journey
to the End of the Rainbow

Peer into the dustbins of History.

-- Pawn

Temperatures rise when Bluesman beau arrives...

-- Pearl's Gone Blue

1894 immigrant prairie bride solo musical.

-- Rachel Calof

Exotic, simple beauty, fully underscored piece!

-- Sanyasi2011

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith.

-- The Seed of Abraham

Only freeform chamber punk cures earworms.

-- Smoke The New Cigarette

Sex positive feminist super hero songstress.

-- The Toughest Girl Alive!

Magic Merriment For Heroes And She-roes!

-- There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly
And Other Heroines That Reach For The Sky!

Soulmates! Satan! Heaven! Rocking rollercoaster romp!

-- Winner Take All (A Rock Opera)

80s Romantic Comedy with Zombie Twist.

-- Zombie Wedding

Other musicals in this year’s Fringe: Araby; Hard Travelin’ with Woody; Hello, My Name Is Billy; Keepers; Le Gourmand or Gluttony!; The Unsung Diva; Top Drawer; Yeast Nation (the triumph of life).

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