Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ricky Ian Gordon's Orpheus & Euridice

If you're in the mood for a really unique theatre experience, look no further than Ricky Ian Gordon's operatic song cycle Orpheus & Euridice, now playing at the DUO Multicultural Arts Center. Though the production elements are minimal, the transformative music is lush and all-encompassing. Through the gorgeous score, Orpheus & Euridice has a soaring soprano narrate a dream-like Orpheus myth, transporting the audience to experience the inexplicable joy of love with just a piano, a clarinet, and one voice leading the story along. The whole show had me transfixed, and I honestly could have listened to the score all day. It was my first time seeing a theatre piece that so fluidly played with movement and storytelling, taking theatrical elements and making them evocative.

Seeing some of the videos on Youtube that are associated with this piece, it's also pretty amazing how creatively people have staged the show, from Long Beach Opera's poolside production:

And this dance routine by MDT dancers Melanie Verna and Sam Feipel:

To this video featuring Celeste Church with Elizabeth Wallace at the piano and Stephen Goacher playing clarinet:

But to really experience the show, you have to see it live in full. This Collaborative Stages and Orpheus Project production will play until this Sunday, and you can purchase tickets here.

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