Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ode to Intimations of Mortality

Young Jean Lee is known for her incredibly daring, if not divisive theatrical voice and insistence on tackling difficult subject matters in her plays like The Shipment or Lear. It was especially because of the structures of her last plays that I was so intrigued when it was announced that she would be premiering her 13P show, We're Gonna Die, at Joe's Pub last April. And it would have music in it. And she would star in it.

While perhaps less of a musical, per se, and more of a cabaret, this show still manages to blend story and music (played by band Future Wife) in an incredibly affecting, personal way. By turns winning and almost gleeful while still dealing with painfully personal anecdotes about loneliness, the show manages to hit a lot of raw nerves without being gratuitous or manipulative. Instead, it's a strangely intimate but safely withheld performance bearing simple but truthful lyrics, dreamy music, and relatable stories about glimpses into our own mortality.

While the show ended its run a couple of months ago, you can (and should!) watch the entirety of the show through Joe's Pub's Livestream channel or in the video below:

joespub on Broadcast Live Free


Leez said...

Thanks so much for sharing this video. :) Young Jean Lee is really cool!

Kimberly Lew said...

Isn't the whole thing awesome? How much do I love that Joe's Pub has streaming of a lot of their full shows? I remember missing seeing this in person and being so crushed... only to find it online.

Hope your summer is going well!