Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomorrow Morning and beyond

Laurence Mark Wythe is a British musical theatre writer whose work has been featured with Perfect Pitch in the West End and is currently running in New York. Tomorrow Morning, which is playing at The York Theatre until April 23rd, tells the story of two couples, both on the brink of pivotal points in their relationships. One couple is about to take the next step in their relationship; the other is about to end theirs. Through their connected stories, Tomorrow Morning explores the possibility and complexity of relationships, especially when examined through major, defining moments in time.

One thing I love about Wythe's music is the way, especially his group numbers, it seems to melodically piece out individual stories and then converge again to form a greater whole. His other works, The Lost Christmas and Through the Door, are contemporary pieces that also explore modern relationships, finding connections through rhythm and rhyme. Here are a few videos to check out his music for yourself:

Stuart Matthew Price singing "Goodnight Kiss":

The opening number from Through the Door from the 2008 Perfect Pitch showcase:

Rehearsal footage from the Chicago production of Tomorrow Morning, featuring Charissa Armon, Jonathan Rayson, Emily Thompson, and, lo and behold, Michael Mahler:

If you want to check out Tomorrow Morning during its current run, The York Theatre Company is offering a special discount off tickets to remaining performances. You can get tickets for $47.00 (regularly $67.50) by mentioning the code HHCMORNING at either YorkTheatre.org or calling (212) 935-5820.

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