Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Girl in Town

Hey all! So I have a cool announcement: as of this week, there are new additions to the cast of Ryan Scott Oliver's Crazytown Blog -- and starting today, I will be joining them as a secondary contributor! My first post on the divas of my childhood can be found here.

I'll be blogging every Thursday for the next three months on Crazytown, talking playwriting, finding inspiration from everyday things, and navigating the theatre/art world, with the occasional nod to the musical theatre artists who we talk about here. So if you're interested in more theatre talk with a slightly more personal twist and a glimpse into my own writing, then be sure to check in every Thursday (And everyday, really. There are some great writers on there!).

If you're not, have no fear. I will continue to update this blog regularly, bringing you the same musical theatre goodness. Either way, there are some exciting things coming down the pipeline, and I am just really happy to share it with you.

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