Friday, May 3, 2013

My April Youtube Playlist

Hey, everyone! Long time no blog-- I know, I know. This has been the longest I've gone without writing on here since starting Emerging Musical Theatre. Sorry for the delay; life has been a bit cray cray. It's been about a month since I've last posted on here, so to help catch up, I thought I would share some of my favorite musical theatre-related videos/songs I've had on repeat in April:

Heather Headley singing "Memory" in an Andrew Lloyd Weber TV special

Holy cow, guys! You think you've heard this song, but the clarity of this version definitely breathes new life into an old favorite.

Megan Hilty singing "They Just Keep Moving The Line" in Smash

Any Smash politics aside-- this is just a damn good song and Hilty is flawless.

Jeremy Jordan singing "Drift" by Kooman and Dimond

Speaking of Smash...

Farah Alvin singing "Misery Loves My Company" by Daniel Mate

Daniel was the recipient of the 2013 Kleban Award, which was announced in April. Congrats!!

The original London cast of Matilda singing "Miracle"

I revisited Matilda this month and while I still maintain that the pacing is a bit off, I also find so much of this show delightful, especially the musical numbers. This opening is particularly thrilling (and a dreamy doctor doesn't hurt).

PigPen Theatre Company's TED Talk with a performance of "Just Like the Sea"

Yes, this includes a whole TED Talk (and it's good-- I promise!). But towards the end, when they perform a song from The Old Man in the Old Moon, you are watching them recreate one of my favorite things I've ever seen in a theater space.

Sierra Boggess and Julian Ovenden singing "If I Loved You" from Carousel in a BBC Proms recording

Can't. Stop. Watching. May need an intervention.

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