Friday, October 19, 2012

I Speak (Musical Theatre) Geek

After having watched videos obsessively from New York Theatre Barn's D-Lounge series, I finally had the opportunity to attend one in person, thanks to an invite from Becca Anderson. Becca, along with Julian Blackmore and Dan Marshall, wrote the musical comedy Academia Nuts, the first of two sets in the concert presentation that night. Telling the story of a quiz bowl championship and plucky Maggie McCutter, a bright but sheltered champion hopeful, Academia Nuts is a story of star-crossed romance, family secrets, geek love, and all-around irreverent mayhem.

Here are some highlights from their presentation at NYTB's D-Lounge:

The Opening Sequence:

The incomparable Alyse Alan Louis singing "Pirate TV":

Alyse Alan Louis and Grasan Kingsberry singing "I Just Think of Favre":

Charissa Bertels singing a rousing "Sarge's Soliloquy":

And "I Speak Geek," a "La Vie Boheme"-esque tune I can definitely get behind:

Check out more videos from the evening at NYTB's Youtube channel here.

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