Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Are Dinosaurs: A Glimpse Into Triassic Parq

If you've been loving a lot of the interviews and guest blogs lately from writers and people in the industry, much more of that kind of content is on the way as I'll soon be rolling out the NYMF 5-question interview series once again for this year's summer festival. If you can't wait, feel free to browse through some of last year's interviews to gear up for a July full of new great shows.

Before you do that, though, let's talk Triassic Parq, a musical send-up to/parody of Michael Crichton's famous novels (and subsequent movie adaptations) by Marshall Pailet, Bryce Norbitz and Stephen Wargo. This show was a hit at Fringe 2010, but even having heard hype from friends, I had no idea what to expect when I went to the production that just opened at SoHo Playhouse.

I wish I could accurately describe this show, but the truth is, it's hard. I enjoyed it very much, and I was practically hypnotized by the zany plot (based on scientific details from the famous source material), dedicated actors, and wild choreography. Still, in the closing number, both my friend and I had a moment where we wondered, "How does something like this even exist?" There is definitely a lot going on this show, which tells the story of the park's dinosaurs developing male organs to reproduce and their relationship with humans, and it's not necessarily for everyone-- but there is a lot to like. In fact, this show may be perfect for you if you like:

  • Jurassic Park. Though this show stands on its own, it definitely has roots firmly in the world of Jurassic Park in a refreshing way. Also, were you aware that the theme song has lyrics? The final song reflected the tune of the theme with lyrics that included, "We are dinosaurs." As though we would want them to be anything else.
  • Morgan Freeman. Guess who plays narrator throughout? No matter what characters mistakenly say throughout the show, it's not Samuel L. Jackson.
  • Gender bending. Men playing women. Women playing men. Lady dinosaurs becoming dudes.
  • Surprise raps about the scientific method.
  • Irreverent, raunchy humor. Ever want a song about what it feels like for a male dinosaur to be sexually stimulated for the first time? Don't act like you haven't...
  • Mime. There is a Mime-a-saurus. You know, that rare species of dinosaur with the face paint and penchant for exaggerated movement.
  • Bad ass choreography. These dinosaurs practically soar, jumping around the stage, breaking through fences, and scaling doorways.
There are a lot of other great things about the show, as well as a ton of surprises. But some things are just left to the imagination, and it is totally worth checking out for yourself. Grab your ticket, see some dinosaurs, and enjoy the ride.

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