Saturday, October 15, 2011

On a Roller Coaster: Date of a Lifetime at NYMF

Well, I have officially seen my last show at this year's NYMF, but the festival continues through the weekend, so there are still opportunities to fit in some great shows. In fact, should you need a recommendation, I would happily suggest Date of a Lifetime, which was the final show in my itinerary that I caught last night at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre.

Date of a Lifetime (book and lyrics by Carl Kissin, music by Robert Baumgartner Jr.) follows two speed daters as they meet and each imagine what their lives will be like together beyond their simple 'rotate-a-date' set-up. From Marvin's romantic vision of their family-to-be to Katie's more neurotic, practical view, these characters take you on a ride through their imaginings and hesitations concerning love, life, and growing old. This show is very winning with a score that moves the fantasy sequences along organically and also manages to get stuck in your head. The jokes come fast and furious, and the great thing about the swiftness of this musical comedy is that it never takes itself too seriously. Stars Farah Alvin and Jamie LaVerdiere make the most of the physical comedy and choreography, and Jeremy Dobrish's direction highlights how self-aware the piece is in its New York humor, theatrical nature, and overall goofiness. The show is much like a New Yorker on a date -- smart, perhaps self-referential, intriguing, and, ultimately, lovable. Date of a Lifetime has 4:30 shows today and tomorrow, so buy your tickets here.

In the meantime, I just wanted to thank all the shows/writers who participated in the NYMF 5-Question Interview Series. I have been so honored to have gotten to learn more about these great shows, and can't wait until next year when NYMF will be happening in the summer!

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