Thursday, February 24, 2011

Show me a world that's inside of a world...

I've mentioned Eli Bolin's wonderful work with the Story Pirates on here before, but I originally heard his music in collaboration with playwright Sam Forman on this hilarious song, "I'm Gonna Like This Play," sung below by Jared Gertner:

There's a kind of glee (not to be confused with "Glee") that infuses itself in their music and lyrics -- an energy that courses through the subject matter. Their songs are clever and smart, but always pushed forward by a fresh undercurrent of excitement in the moment. Sam Forman, Eli Bolin, and Benjamin Salka are also the creative team behind the musical I Sing!, which made its off-Broadway debut in 2001 -- and ever since, I feel like I've seen the title song pop up all over the interweb. (The cast recording is available through Jay Records here.)

Sam and Eli are currently working on a project that I'm eagerly anticipating: a musical adaptation of Rob Ackerman's Volleygirls about a high school girls' volleyball team. Having read the play on which the musical will be based, I'm really curious to see what they do with it. I couldn't think of a better songwriting team to really bring the movement of the piece to life through song. Here are some song performance clips from a D-Lounge show:

Gideon Glick and Allison Posner singing "You're Beautiful When You Play":

Shaina Taub singing "I Like Girls":

Watch out for these guys--both in their collaborations and their individual projects--as I think they have a lot more great theatre making in the future. Also, if you're free next Friday, see Eli Bolin's band, Amazing Jellies, for free at PATH Cafe in the West Village at 8 p.m.! Hear more from Amazing Jellies here.

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