Monday, January 24, 2011

Visiting Crazytown/RSO Songbook Giveaway

Have you been reading Ryan Scott Oliver's Crazytown blog?

Because what was already a fun and informative blog now features a slew of guest bloggers, from musical theatre writers to producers to actors, and many in between. Best part? Every guest contributor has a post a week, so you can easily follow the different "columns" for your weekly fix. Get a glance behind the barricades at the stage door with Alex Brightman. Or find (another) producer's prospective with Ryan Bogner. Or catch up on some monkey business via Tony Asaro. Or hear newly born musical theatre songs curated by Shoshana Greenberg. Or share the perspective of a creative making her way through finance social circles with Kirsten Guenther. Trust me, there's a ton of good stuff on there, with Ryan Scott Oliver chiming in regularly. Here is a list of all the new contributors:

Alex Brightman
Alexander Nagorski
Brett Ryback
Daniel Mate
Geoffrey Kidwell
Gordon Leary
Isaac Oliver
John Constantine
Julia Meinwald
Kevin Michael Murphy
Kirsten Guenther
Matthew Murphy
Ryan Bogner
Sophie Modlin
Tony Asaro
Shoshana Greenberg


I have more RSO goodness.

How is that, you ask?

In honor of the release of RSO's first songbook (with a concert on February 7th at Joe's Pub), we are giving away a copy of RSO's brand new songbook! It's easy to enter. Here are the details:
  • To enter, simply post a link in the comments to your favorite RSO performance video. Need some inspiration? Look at any of the videos mentioned on this blog here, or check out RSO's youtube channel here.
  • You have until 11:59 p.m. eastern time on Saturday, 1/29 to enter.
  • The winner will be drawn at random and announced by 1/31. The winner's name will be posted on the blog then, so be sure to check back so you can send me your address if you win. If I don't receive the winner's information by 2/7, I will draw again.
I am very excited about this songbook, which would be perfect for any performer looking for dynamic, new songs. So be sure to put in your entry or spread the word to other musical theatre enthusiasts!


s. said...

It's a tough one, but right now I'm gonna go with Twisted Teeth!

Reasoning: I haven't seen much RSO work live in person but I loved the performance that night a lot. Matt & Emma had this really alluring chemistry on a song that is strangely romantic even as it's as screwed-up a relationship as Twilight. Uh. Just, y'know, way better written and gorgeous.

Gabriella said...

Mine's gotta be the Ballad of Sara Berry. I love how the different styles and melodies fuse and shift. It's a twisted guilty-pleasure rollercoaster of a song, and you'll catch yourself belting it before you know what you're doing:

jolene said...

I have to go with "Odyssey" on this one..I'm a sucker for epic songs and this is an epic of a song that alludes to the epic to which all others aspire: Homer's, of course. Lovely and haunting, it surges all the way to the final chords.

Anonymous said...

I kind of love "On Monday". It's cheeky and fun, and just really catchy. It reminds me of Charlotte Martin.

Rachel said...


Although it's not on RSO's Youtube page, this is my favorite version, as the epic adorableness makes my heart melt.

As a musical theatre writer, this is a very interesting take on a love song, especially showing movement when you can't move.

Leez said...

Basically, you had me at "Dark retelling of Peter Pan."

Chase said...

Twisted Teeth, by far! The music and lyrics have such a beautiful and harmony with one another!