Friday, February 26, 2010

A Very Iconis Update

So I know I mentioned Joe Iconis' upcoming show Bloodsong of Love, which is soon to premiere at Ars Nova in just over a month's time. Though tickets are not available to the general public yet, if you sign up to be a Super Nova (it's free) at the Ars Nova website, you will not only get a free drink at each Ars Nova performance you attend, but you will also have access to buying tickets to Bloodsong right now. Ars Nova has a lot of great programs and shows (by the way, try to see the Alter, Greenberg, Allen, and Allen concert of Band Geeks! on Monday, March 1st as they prepare for their production at Goodspeed -- I assure you it's going to be a solid night of some really wonderful songs), but throw in some free drinks and exclusive offers like this presale and I say why not.

And, just to give you more of an idea of the kinds of talent you will be treated to at Bloodsong, here are a couple of videos from Iconis' recent Bare Bones concert at Joe's Pub with Michael R. Jackson.

There's the always fantastic Jason Sweet Tooth Williams singing new Iconis' tune "The Protector":

And just because I can't believe they played this song that has been a strange motif in our office for the past month or so, here's Iconis and Jackson singing "One of Us":

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